my life as a swinging bob

Not *that* kind of swinger…

So, what is a pendulum anyway? (please please please click on that link just to laugh with me at the quirky graphics and the ‘bob’) (also, go to that link to find out who ‘bob’ is…)

A quick summary… something hanging from a fixed point which, when pulled back and released, is free to swing down by force of gravity, and then out and up because of¬†inertia…

Bobs on pendulums swing. That’s just how it is. Scientifically. The bob can’t fight it. It just has to go with it. When you pull the bob as far as you can to one end, and then release, it will swing down(because of gravity) and across and out(because of inertia).

But whatever. They swing. And then eventually, they slow down, and stop swinging completely, IF AND WHEN THERE’S NO MORE EXTERNAL FORCE WORKING ON THEM.¬†

Such is life I find… something hits you, you swing, you finally feel like you’re settling, and something hits you again. Rinse and repeat. And then you die. And there’s no more external force working on you.

I’m a bob. Well, I’m a Jo, but also, most definitely a bob. And so are you. Life comes at us, with external pressures, and we’re forced to swing. It is what it is. If you try to fight it, you’ll crack and break. Pretty much.

It’s all crazy and manic initially, and the swinging is wild and high and extreme. But, as we settle in, we ease into the swinging, and even, perhaps, begin to enjoy the rythmic lull, until we come to a stop, and it all starts again….

The important things to remember are that the swinging will stop, and if we go with the flow, we’ll find our rythym…

Bob with me.