how to travel through europe, by someone who’s never been…

Ok so I’m hardly qualified to write this post, but I’m writing it anyway. And since I am an Aries, I can’t possibly be wrong. Ha! More on the not-so-great qualities of my star sign later…

Oh, and I guess I have been to Europe… I’ve been to the UK a number of times, and I’ve spent 8 hours in Paris once. And, the last time I was even on that side of the globe I was 19. But that still counts right?! I have also travelled the States, and a few other places, and I’ve been floating around Australia for almost a year, so the tips I learnt from those trips apply here too!

Thing is, I’ve posted a few photos of places I’m going on Instagram, and Twitter, and Facebook lately, and a bunch of people have been asking where I’ve found the great deals, and HOW CAN EUROPE BE SO CHEAP?

Things like this: 3 nights in a 4 star hotel on a cliff on the Amalfi coast (complete with private elevator down to the private hotel beach below) for $200. Laughing.

Or this – 3 weeks on a Greek island in an apartment on a beach, for $250 a week.

So, I’m spilling (my version of) the beans for you!

General bits and pieces.

Check out The Best Time to Visit. This is a great little site which helps you pick where to go when… you either pick a month, and it lists where is fab to visit that month, or you pick a continent, country, town, and it tells you when to go there.

This is wise. You should be picking places for their seasons – no use going somewhere during tornado/monsoon season… but the flip side of the ‘in season’ thing is that you also need to be aware of spikes in prices of everything at those times…and crowds! I try to visit in shoulder seasons – you generally get the best prices, and less crowds(my favourite bit) and you still get decent weather.

While I’m on the topic of seasons, watch out for ‘out of season’ closures… European winter is cold, so unless it’s a snow town, lots of places shut down. Public transport sometimes is also limited, so just check your options before you go somewhere out of season…

Travel books and guides. Well, I’m a visual person, so books like the Lonely Planet guides don’t work for me. Too much writing and not enough seeing of where I’m going to be. But, they’re packed with great info, and lots of people swear by them, so if you’re into Continue reading


a gypsy update. from a room with a view…

Well hello!

So I’ve been ‘gypsying’ my way around the East coast of Australia since last November… it’s gone quickly that’s for sure (especially when I realised my last login to wordpress was MANY MOONS AGO…)

gypsy dreaming

I wasn’t so sure I’d love a gypsy lifestyle. I’m pretty transient by nature, but I do also like being settled, and having MY STUFF around me. But when I got back from six weeks in Africa, I walked into my bedroom and felt claustrophobic. I’d been loving carrying only what I could fit in a case, and suddenly the weight of all my STUFF was so much heavier than before. Metaphor much? Probably, so anyway…

My theory on that is also – first the natural, then the spiritual. And when you’re making space in your physical practical tangible world for things to change, the spaces open up across the rest of your life too.

So, I downsized. Big time. I rented my room out to a friend. Sold some furniture, gave some furniture away, loaned some furniture to friends on a ‘who knows if I’ll ever want this back’ basis. It was blissful. I loved it all. I moved out, with one suitcase, my bike, and my car, and trekked up the coast to Queensland.

And since then, I’ve been floating the Eastern side of this great land quite happily. With no planned agenda further than a few weeks ahead. Which is hard for a CONTROL FREAK Continue reading