Six inches. Cos that’s how I roll.

What do you do when you’re about to hop on a plane for twenty four hours, and you haven’t packed? Oh, go to the hairdressers, get your grey hair(s) deleted, and get six inches cut off…

all the greys have been deleted! #winning 

Because why not? But seriously, why not? Thing is, it’s funny how we wait until there’s *something* we need to look good for. Like, 24 hours on planes?! So off I raced to the hairdresser, while my emails kept pinging through to my phone, I hadn’t sorted out where my car would be ‘parked’ for a few months, my suitcase wasn’t unpacked from my last trip yet, and my passport… well, one of the two of them is expired… !!

So I screeched into the hair salon, in a mild panic. Thinking I couldn’t have timed it all worse if I tried. Which is exactly the point. I didn’t really try.

But a wonderful thing happened. Which is just how life works sometimes…
The hairdresser offered me tea, and talked to me about her recent trip to Fiji, and her visits to some of the poorest villages and her work with some of the children there. So inspiring. Such wonderful breadth and depth of LIFE, and all of it’s facets. And suddenly I was feeling calmer, and relaxed… and inspired by her story, and by people’s tenacity, and bravery, and grace in the midst of sometimes awful stories…

And then came a ten minute head massage!!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!
And, a hot towel wrap on my head. Best thing ever. There’s something very grounding and stabilising about a hot towel wrapped around your head, covering your ears, blocking out the sounds, stilling you, and warming you… I’m sure there’s a science somethin somethin behind it all, but hey, I know it makes me feel good!

So the thing is, by the time I walked out, I was feeling a lot better than when I walked in. There’s still time to pack, my car is sorted, and my hair is looking good too!

The moral of the story for me is HOW GOOD ARE HEAD MASSAGES!