let me introduce you to joi.

Not misspelt, it’s Joi. Not Joy. Although joy is definitely something she brings me.

Joi ‘oodlies’ – it’s a thing…

I met her about 2 years ago, on the internet. It’s what all the cool kids are doing these days. We mucked around on twitter for a long time, telling silly jokes. And then we switched to emails – which sometimes got more serious. And texts. And whats app…. And suddenly I had a really good friend I was sharing my life with every day.

And then when I met her in real life for the first time, it was to have a sleepover at her house in Melbourne. A sleepover? With someone you’ve never met? Why YES.

So maybe I hadn’t *met* her in real life, but I knew her as well as if we’d been chatting over cups of tea for decades. And maybe even more so. Because sometimes the ‘safety’ of the internet means you can be more of yourself. Know what I mean? The person can’t judge your outfit, or your hair, they’re simply taking your written words, and building their understanding of YOU. Without all the fluff. I like it.

Admittedly, you could be creating a nasty online persona, and yes, those people are out there and we should be wise… but for the most part, people are people. You’ll be able to work out whether they’re your ‘type’ of people once you get chatting… And friendships can build online just as much as they can in person.

So I had a sleepover at Joi’s house. It was ridiculously good. I slept on a huge couch in the living room, and I even had a soft teddy bear friend to snuggle with. And I’ve had more sleepovers since. And we talk. Every. single. day. Online… we’ve laughed through different situations, we’ve cried through others, but she’s THERE. Always.

She’s my friend.

And the bonus of our online worlds is that she’s always in my pocket.
And everybody wants to go through life with a friend in their pocket…



the king and i.

I’ve been thinking about movies lately. Especially after watching “Black Swan” last night. Luckily, I’m not about to write about Black Swan, as I am still trying to work out WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED. Suffice to say, I’m never going to scratch my back, or peel a cuticle, or strap my toes, or be a dancer….

What I am going to write about is “The King’s Speech“. But this is not a review, it’s just some thoughts I’ve had since I saw it… so go see the movie anyway, and make your own mind up.

It’s a magnificent, powerful story.

I loved it. With all of my heart. I loved the acting. I loved the story line. I loved Lionel’s couch, and the walls in his office/study. I loved Prince Albert’s stutter, as frustrating as it was.


So I’ve been thinking about it a lot since.

Particularly about ‘the power of the number two’. And by number two, I don’t mean the act of doing a poo… I mean the person who is the number two. Which essentially means, they are not the number one. (Confused? Don’t be. It’s just a position in life. Everybody has one in different relationships. No big deal.)

And when the number two ‘gets it’, and understands their role, and really throws themselves into it, there is incredible power in being the number two. A supporter is not called a SUPPORTer for nothing.

Think about it.

Without Lionel, the King could never have declared war. Without Lionel, the King had. no. voice. PERIOD.

But Lionel also had to know his place to fulfill his role. It wouldn’t have worked if he was trying to BE the King…

There’s another story I love. True story. A war time captain is wistfully thinking out loud, oblivious to who is around to hear him. He says(and I paraphrase, because I wasn’t actually there) “Gee, I wish I could get to that well, just to drink one handful of water would sustain me…” He’s speaking of a well DEEP beyond enemy lines… no way to get there.

Three men hear him. And he is their captain. And they would do anything to see his dreams come to pass….because they know he ultimately has their best interests at heart. There’s a kind of symbiosis there…

So they risk their lives to go to the well, and get him a drink of the water. And when they bring it to him, he is so overwhelmed by their loyalty and commitment and bravery that he can’t bring himself to even drink it….

It’s a powerful story. There’s layers of life lessons there.

I think sometimes we confuse our roles. We have different roles in different relationships, be they work relationships, social, or family based.

Sometimes, you’re supposed to be the number one. Don’t hide behind the number two. Speak up. Speak out. That’s your role.

And then sometimes we’re trying to BE the person in charge, when we’re supposed to be the number two. And when we really GET IT, and there’s no more striving to be something we’re not meant to be, then we can be number one at being number two!