a gypsy update. from a room with a view…

Well hello!

So I’ve been ‘gypsying’ my way around the East coast of Australia since last November… it’s gone quickly that’s for sure (especially when I realised my last login to wordpress was MANY MOONS AGO…)

gypsy dreaming

I wasn’t so sure I’d love a gypsy lifestyle. I’m pretty transient by nature, but I do also like being settled, and having MY STUFF around me. But when I got back from six weeks in Africa, I walked into my bedroom and felt claustrophobic. I’d been loving carrying only what I could fit in a case, and suddenly the weight of all my STUFF was so much heavier than before. Metaphor much? Probably, so anyway…

My theory on that is also – first the natural, then the spiritual. And when you’re making space in your physical practical tangible world for things to change, the spaces open up across the rest of your life too.

So, I downsized. Big time. I rented my room out to a friend. Sold some furniture, gave some furniture away, loaned some furniture to friends on a ‘who knows if I’ll ever want this back’ basis. It was blissful. I loved it all. I moved out, with one suitcase, my bike, and my car, and trekked up the coast to Queensland.

And since then, I’ve been floating the Eastern side of this great land quite happily. With no planned agenda further than a few weeks ahead. Which is hard for a CONTROL FREAK Continue reading


Out and About

Sydney is sooo beautiful, and I’m finally MAKING the time (it’s a conscious decision) to enjoy it!!!

Here’s hoping you enjoy some of these pics, and are inspired to get outside and enjoy the city you live in too!!!

this is me

Welcome to the blog of jo1foster – this is a new world for me…  loving my life, my friends and family, and as we say here in sydney – LIVIN’ THE DREAM!!

i love flying into sydney over the harbour on a clear day… i love the simplicity and complexity of humanity… i love that there is no problem that doesn’t have a solution… i hate the smell of public pools…. i love trying not to laugh when you’re not supposed to be laughing… i hate brussel sprouts and cooked celery… i love Jackeline and Faith Claire – my sponsor kids in Uganda….  i love when my friends do silly things and i’m there to witness it in person…. i hate apathy…. i hate that we know how to eradicate poverty and yet governments do nothing…. i hate being far away from people that i love…  i love travelling to new and exciting places…. i love the islands of the seychelles…. i hate feeling helpless…. i love having afternoon tea in the Burj Al Arab in Dubai…. i love my friends who bless and astound me daily… i love the beach…. i love having cocktails on the beach in Bora Bora… i love the feeling of the sand between my toes and the sound of the waves… i love walking along with an elephant’s trunk tucked in my hand while the elephant walks behind me – so amazing… i hate getting stuck in the traffic…. i love grace… i love the sound of children laughing… i love lazy mornings with hot chocolates at bathers… i hate the feeling you get when you hear chalk being scraped down a chalkboard… i love seeing old people holding hands… i hate my neighbour’s alarm clock that keeps going off at 6:30am on cold Saturday mornings…. i love standing on the top of Table Mountain…
i love my life… and i love that i get to live it!